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Winston-Salem State signs Internet broadcast deal with Sportsview.tv

September 1, 2004

Reston, VA -Sportsview.tv, the sports network for Digital Media Broadcasting Corporation (DMBC), has announced that it has signed Winston-Salem State University to a three (3) year agreement to broadcast its sporting events. The first Winston-Salem events to be aired live on Sportsview.tv include two (2) football games and six (6) basketball games.

“We love the Sportsview.tv vision-to let our fans experience our games live as well as on-demand and watch their favorite players from any location, when they want, and on any technology that receives broadband-TV, computer, and even by PDA and wireless phone. Sportsview.tv also provides complementary value-added content that pertains specifically to us, such as game schedules and team information,” commented Dr. Percy Caldwell, Winston-Salem’s Athletic Director. “Sportsview.tv is even helping us with production, with a live six (6) camera shoot and editing services. We’re very excited about our relationship with Sportsview!”

Dennis Butts, DMBC’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was impressed with Dr. Percy Caldwell’s progressive thinking, “The Winston-Salem State University/Sportsview.tv partnership is going to bring great value to fans, alumni and students. And because our digital broadband broadcasts are aired over a dedicated, video-enabled content delivery network and are not webcasts, Winston-Salem fans can count on television-like quality delivered live and on-demand to a global audience.”

Sportsview.tv will host, distribute and broadcast the Winston-Salem games live and also make them available on-demand for future viewing. The two games immediately on the schedule include the September 18th football game against Virginia Union and the October 2nd Homecoming Football Game against Fayetteville State.

As part of Sportsview.tv’s extensive marketing support program, Winston-Salem alumni, coaches, scouts, students and their families will receive detailed information about the events well in advance of the games. Viewers purchase individual game tickets or a season package, and receive reminders of game times for tickets they have purchased.

With Sportsview.tv, sports event broadcasting is no longer limited to Division I Universities and professional sports. To find out more about Sportsview.tv, visit www.sportsview.tv or call 1-877-866-5524.


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