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Lincoln (MO) five-peats at Div II Outdoor Nationals

May 27, 2007

The women of Lincoln (MO) University successfully defended their team title at the 2007 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships.  Lincoln’s women scored 82.5 points and have not lost an outdoor title since capturing their first championship five years ago. 

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Lincoln University Blue Tigers

This year Davita Prendergast got wins in the 200m and 400m dash while Carla Thomas picked up first place in the 400m hurdles and second  in the 100m hurdles.  They also ran legs on the winning 4X400 meter relay team which set a new meet record.

Prendergast was the defending champion in the 400m and finished just .02 seconds short of setting a new meet record.

St. Augustine’s (68 pts) placed third, just one point behind Abilene Christian.  Albany State scored 36 points to finish 6th.  NC Central finished 31st with 8 points.  Bowie State scored 5 points to finish 40th.  Benedict finished in a tie for 46th place with 4 points.

In the men’s competition, St. Aug (73 pts) and Morehouse (68 pts) finished second and third behind Abilene Christian, who earned their sixth consecutive outdoor title.  NC Central finished 7th with 31 points.  Lincoln (MO) finished 12th with 19 points.  Albany State scored 15  points and Fort Valley State put up 14 points to finish 14th and 16th respectively.

Several HBCU athletes became multiple champions during the three day event.

Lincoln’s Davita Prendergast won both the 200m and 400m dash and ran the second leg of the Blue Tigers’ winning 4X400m relay team.  Her teammate Carla Thomas won the 400m hurdles and ran the anchor leg on the 1600m relay team which won their fourth title in the last five years.

After winning the long jump on Thursday, St. Augustine’s Kwonya Ferguson took the triple jump title on Friday.

Saturday, Lady Falcon Barbara Pierre won the women’s 100n dash and ran the first leg of the St. Aug’s winning 4x100m relay team.  Ferguson ran the anchor leg.

Morehouse senior Randall Flimmons won the men’s long jump

St. Augustine’s sprinters Kendall Stevens and Philippe DeRosier successfully defended their titles.  Stevens repeated as the 100m dash champion while DeRosier won the 200m dash championship for the second consecutive year. 

DeRosier ran the second leg and Stevens anchored the Falcon’s winning 4x100m relay team.

Lincoln’s Decosma Wright also repeated as men’s 110m hurdles champion.

NC Central’s Hakeem Mohammad took the tile in the 400m dash and Morehouse’s Damian Prince won the 400m hurdles.  Prince also anchored Morehouse’s winning 4x400m relay team.

HBCU All Americans by event

Women Long Jump
*-Kwonya Ferguson - St Augustine's
Jana Mrozkova - Albany State

Women Triple Jump
*-Kwonya Ferguson - St Augustine's
Jessica Mills - NC Central
Jana Mrozkova - Albany State
Candice Camp - Albany State
Kerry-Ann Robinson - Lincoln

Women High Jump
Notoya Thompson - Lincoln

Women 100 Meter Dash
*-Barbara Pierre - St Augustine's
Jasmine Peck - Albany State
Nandelle Cameron - Lincoln
Karen Robinson - Lincoln
Estella Moore Albany State
Camile Gray - St Augustine's

Women 200 Meter Dash
*-Davita Prendergast - Lincoln
Jasmine Peck - Albany State
Nandelle Cameron - Lincoln
Barbara Pierre - St Augustine's
Johnsie Liles - St Augustine's
Jennifer Geter - Bowie State

Women 400 Meter Dash
*-Davita Prendergast - Lincoln
Johnsie Liles - St Augustine's
Erica Young - St Augustine's
Monique Robinson - Lincoln

Women 800 Meter Run
Meleshia Spencer - Lincoln

Women 100 Meter Hurdles
Carla Thomas - Lincoln
Marquita Davis - St Augustine's
Lindsay Colclough - Benedict

Women 400 Meter Hurdles
*-Carla Thomas - Lincoln

Women 4x100 Meter Relay
*-St Augustine's (Barbara Pierre, Johnsie Liles, Camile Gray, Kwonya Ferguson)
Lincoln (Karen Robinson, Carla Thomas, Jody-Ann Powell, Nandelle Cameron)
Albany State (Candice Camp, Roxanne Griffin, Estella Moore, Jasmine Peck)
Bowie State (Brittany Brady, DaMara Parrish, Jennifer Geter, Sarah Clay)

Women 4x400 Meter Relay
*-Lincoln (Monique Robinson, Davita Prendergast, Meleshia Spencer, Carla Thomas)
St Augustine's (Erica Young, Aisha George, Marsha Rowe, Johnsie Liles)
Bowie State (Ricci Alleyne, Sarah Clay, Phylicia Buie, Jennifer Geter)

*-National Champion

Men Long Jump
*-Randall Flimmons - Morehouse
Evan Flax - Morehouse

Men High Jump

Keith Moffatt - Morehouse
Joseph Kindred - St Augustine's
Evan Flax - Morehouse
Michael Jackson - St Augustine's

Men Decathlon
Pierre Brown - Fort Valley State

Men Triple Jump
Andre Tillman - St Augustine's
Jamal Cumberbatch - St Augustine's
Randall Flimmons - Morehouse
Evan Flax - Morehouse

Men 100 Meter Dash
*-Kendall Stevens - St Augustine's
Philippe DeRosier - St Augustine's
Marquis Horn - Morehouse
Rodney Coley - Albany State
Xavier Hair - Fort Valley St
Sharif Nash - St Augustine's

Men 200 Meter Dash

*-Philippe DeRosier - St Augustine's
Marquis Horn - Morehouse
Rodney Coley - Albany State
Maurice Gailey - NC Central
Kendall Stevens - St Augustine's

Men 400 Meter Dash
*-Hakeem Mohammad - NC Central
Karjaun Williams - NC Central
Antoine Thomas - Albany State

Men 800 Meter Run
Brandon Jones - NC Central
Karjaun Williams - NC Central

Men 110 Meter Hurdles
*-Decosma Wright - Lincoln
Pete Smith - Lincoln
Dior Lowy - St Augustine's
Steven Jackson - Fort Valley St

Men 400 Meter Hurdles
*-Damian Prince - Morehouse
Alvin Miles - St Augustine's
Jermaine Baker - St Augustine's

Men 4x100 Meter Relay

*-St Augustine's (Dennis Boone, Philippe DeRosier, Sharif Nash, Kendall Stevens)
Fort Valley State (Steven Jackson, Xavier Hair, Marquis Andrews, Jeffery Mosley)
North Carolina Central (Chris Davis, Hakeem Mohammad, Rigdon Whitfield, Maurice Gailey)
Morehouse (Brandon Morgan, Damian Prince, Brandon Hartley,Marquis Horn)
Lincoln (Franklyn Mitchell, Decosma Wright, Raymond Richards, Pete Smith)

Men 4x400 Meter Relay
*-Morehouse (Marquis Horn, Brandon Hartley, Curtis Dayson, Damian Prince)
Albany State (Olaidipo Adeshina, Rodney Coley, Antoine Thomas, Michael Donald)
St Augustine's (Andre Thompson, Tim Riley, Sharif Nash, Bedawi Gomez)
North Carolina Central (Karjaun Williams, Brian Hope, Shareef Muhammad, Brandon Jones)

*-National Champion


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