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Inside Hotlanta and the SIAC

Hal LamarBy Hal Lamar

Tuskegee names new Athletic Director; Skeege hard cores adopt wait and see

Curtis CampbellCampbellHAMMOND La-Hard core fans of Tuskegee University are adopting a wait-and-see attitude toward their new athletic director Curtis Campbell. To his credit, Campbell brings some impressive credentials to Death Valley including his longtime stint at Stillman College. But devoted fans of Tuskegee athletics and particularly those pushing to move the institution into Division I status are waiting in the stands and the suites to see what Campbell can do to take the “Skegee program up another notch…..

Morehouse’s grid schedule is out and the Marooners will only play before the hometowners three times which includes homecoming. They will also take on Central State, playing its first full season in the SIAC, in Chicago....

The so-called “Rambling Wrecks” of Georgia Tech are looking for someone to replace Wes Durham as their radio play-by-play guy. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if AD Mike Bobinski is swimming in resumes from every voice in the USA. Mike, you could save yourself a big headache if you just reached out to the Herndon Home about two miles west of your campus and ink a deal with Charles Ward  He is currently the home’s director. A lot of you who tolerate my words in this space are familiar with Ward, a native of Statesboro Georgia, graduate of FAMU and holder of a legal degree, But as close as I am to Charles and his lovely bride Cheryl, there is much I found I still don’t know about him….like his existence experience behind the mike. Charles WardWard

No, I am not his agent and there is nothing in this for me other than seeing a “brother” in that booth. Good luck Chuck.

XTRA POINTS: Dawson OdumsOdumsWhile in Louisiana, I happened across some news about Southern University and  the Jaguars return to Houston Texas to take on the Houston Cougars in their season opener. The school will get $350,000 for their appearance but Dawson Odoms, beginning his first full season as Southern’s head coach said they don’t intend to roll over and play dead….

Speaking of Houston, that is the new venue for the SWAC grid championship and the last for Birmingham Alabama after a 13 year run. I once looked forward to covering the event but not too sure I can repeat the performance. There is a few hundred miles difference between Atlanta to Birmingham (2 hours tops) and Houston…… I wonder what happened between the steel city and the SWAC…….

While here in Hammond, I went with family to New Orleans and walked along Canal Street. Some rain drove us into the Roosevelt Hotel now a part of the Waldorf–Astoria and brother is it elegant! Chandeliers lined the lobby of the palace-like place and there was some interesting sculpture. If your pockets can handle it (the prices range from $399 to $4000). It’s puts you in the heart of downtown New Orleans where you are subject to see and hear anything!!!!!...Ran into Urban League director Marc Morial along the street with his children enjoying a meal. Should have gotten an interview but he was busy having fun and frankly so was I…….He’s a great guy in the mold of his father Dutch……..


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