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Inside Hotlanta and the SIAC

Hal LamarBy Hal Lamar
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y Patsy Collier-Lamar

Nail Biter in Columbia, South Carolina

Man I bet you Benedict’s James Woody died about 20 times when he saw that last second, 11th hour, no time left on the clock, 40-yard Fort Valley field goal go between those twoo popsickle sticks and give the Wildcats a 33-30 victory… in Woody’s own stadium! The BMOC of Valley this whole week was Juan Serna, a freshman who is from Douglasville, Georgia. Now, it’s not like Benedict played dead and gave up. Noooooo! In fact, Benedict had overcome a 30-24 deficit to score six with 3:44 left. But then Donnie Pittman’s elevens came storming back down the field, ate up clock and got Serna in position, after the 3 pointer, there was 0 time left on the clock…Juan SernaSerna

But that wasn’t the only nail biter in the 101 year old SIAC last weekend. …Down Augusta, Georgia way, Paine College was trying to win their first of the year over Morehouse. The house led 10-7 at the break, but then the Lions tied it and they went into the fourth period. Then dear ‘ole Morehouse scored thanks to a field goal and a Paine fumble scouped up and returned for a touchdown by Joshua Burton that gave Morehouse the 10 they needed to win. The defense was ready too, sacking Paine quarterback Loranzo Hammond four times….

ELSEWHERE IN THE SIAC : Albany state hung on to beat Miles 14-7. All the scoring took place in the first half and then the two defenses took over. A highlight was ASU junior defensive back Fred Holton’s fumble recovery and 97 yard return for a score………By the way, my good friend and former high school classmate Ronald WoodWoodRonald Wood was inducted into the ASU national alumni Hall of Fame last week. He is already a member of the football Hall of Fame. Wood finished Harper High school of Atlanta, alma mater to this columnist and former Washington Redskins players Herbert Mulkey or MUL-KEY and the late Harold”Tank” McClinton……Central State wants for another victory but last week was about as far away from one as you can get. They were all but destroyed by the statesman of Delta State 72-8. What did Cedric Pearl and the Marauders come away with after the loss? Well,for one thing, don’t schedule Delta State anymore……Tuskegee laid the big one on the Lane Dragons 44-3. Atlanta native Hoderick Rowe had 132 yards rushing and two scores. Tuskegee out-offensed Lane 516 to 156……Clark-AU got themselves embarrassed on their home field, losing to West Georgia 42-2. CAU caught UWG’s quarterback in the end zone for a safety. The rest of the game was, well, a West Georgia clinic…..and Teddy KeatonKeatonTed Keaton’s Stillman Tigers are getting all wound up when it counts. They defeated Kentucky state 34-20 and won an important division, conference and overall. But even in defeat, Kentucky state’s 212 pound senior quarterback Adam Robinson passed for 272 yards and threw two touchdowns…..

My predictions this weekend: (get ready cause here it comes)

Benedict cried like a newborn last weekend in their loss to Valley…, but Woody’s elevens can wipe away them tears and smile over their victory against Miles…the tigers by 7

Tuskegee is in the winning groove and once in, you just can’t beat it out of ‘em… Goldens by 3 over Fort Valley…..Morehouse and Clark- AU meet for the 102nd time. This time, the “do” is at CAU’s field but the Marooners are hot, the Panthers are not…..Morehouse could take charge of first place in the SIAC east by beating their cross the street campus rivals by 6…

Ted Keaton’s elevens from Stillman are winning and have no intentions of stopping but with Lane, you never know. Nonetheless, got to go with the boys of Alabama over the Jackson Tennesseeans by 6……

Kentucky State’s Adam Robinson needs “another one just like the othean”. Against CSU in Indy, he and the horses will come out the winner this time…KSU by 7….Adam RobinsonRobinson

Paine really REALLY wants to win one and its not like Greg Ruffin (you know Reggie’s cousin) hasn’t been trying…its just one of those things. Well, sorry Ruff from Ah-gust, it will be one of those things again this week…Rams by 10…

XTRA POINT: ncat rob broadwayBroadwayAtlanta will host two football games this weekend within hours of each other…Morehouse and Clark-AU start at 2pm within hollering distance at the Georgia Dome, NC A&T will tangle with South Carolina State in the 26th Atlanta football classic sponsored annually by the exalted brethren of the Atlanta chapter of 100 black men of America. Last year, the Aggies came to town 3-0 but got upset by the Dawgs 29-24. This year, Aggies head coach Rod “funky” Broadway is 4-1. Meanwhile, Buddy “you know who” Pough’s dawgs are 3-2 and last year came in at 3-2. Who will win it. Whoever scores last and this year it will be …..SCSU by three…

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