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ATLANTA, Georgia -- The Tigers of Stillman College defeated the Maroon Tigers of Morehouse College, 5-0, to capture its second consecutive SIAC Men's Tennis Championship. Stillman's David Torres earned tournament MVP honors, while Tigers head coach William Riley was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Coach.Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

The championship contest was a rematch from a March 27th contest, won by the Stillman Tigers 7-2 during the SIAC West Round-up in Memphis.  This time, the Tigers from Tuscaloosa wasted little time taking command of the match and earning their second title in as many years.

In double competition, the number one team of Jang-eun Lee and David Torres earned an 8-4 win over Kahai Hall and Phillipian Stamps.  Yonwaba Pupuma and Jose Pojasi won the number two singles match 9-7 before Fernando Garcia and Aleksandar Zobec pulled off the doubles sweep with a 8-3 win.

Singles play saw Torres win a 6-1, 6-0 match over Everette Reese and Zobec defeat Jabez Beazer 6-0, 6-2.  Torres and his doubles partner Lee were the two Stillman representatives on the all-tournament team.

The win pushed the Stillman Tigers record to 27-4.  Stillman now looks forward to playing in the NCAA South Regional during the first weekend in May.

MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: Stillman 5, Morehouse 0

Doubles Competition:
1. Jang-eun Lee / David Torres (SC) def. Kahai Hall / Phillipian Stamps (MHC) - 8-4
2. Yonwaba Pupuma / Jose Pojasi (SC) def. Noah Terry / Everette Reese (MHC) - 9-7
3. Fernando Garcia / Aleksandar Zobec (SC) def. Chris Hawthorne / Brandon Sanders (MHC) - 8-3

Singles Competition:
1. Kahai Hall (MHC) vs. Jang-eun Lee (SC) - no result
2. David Torres (SC) def. Everette Reese (MHC) - 6-1, 6-0
3. Aleksandar Zobec (SC) def. Jabez Beazer (MHC) - 6-0, 6-2
4. Chris Hawthorne (MHC) vs. Yonwaba Pupuma (SC) - no result
5. Noah Terry (MHC) vs. Jose Pojasi (SC) - no result
6. Brandon Sanders (MHC) vs. Edward Symmonett (SC) - no result

Men's SIAC All-Tournament team:

1. Jang-eun Lee - Stillman College
2. David Torres - Stillman College
3. Noah Terry - Morehouse College
4. Kahai Hall - Morehouse College
5. Takudswa Muswere - Benedict College
6. Giovanni Plater - Benedict College

1. Jang-eun Lee & David Torres - Stillman College
2. Brandon Sanders & Chris Hawthorne - Morehouse College
3. Justin Payton & Takudswa Muswere - Benedict College

Tournament MVP: David Torres - Stillman College

Most Outstanding Coach: William Riley - Stillman College

Third Place: Benedict College

Runner-Up: Morehouse College

2014 SIAC Men's Champions: Stillman College



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