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GHOE Tailgating 101

By Broderick Pulliam, Special Correspondent

Thousands of North Carolina A&T students and alumni will come together to rejoice in “Aggie Pride” at the Homecoming Tailgate.

   On campus, tailgaters usually assemble at one of two locations.

One area is the Laurel Street parking lot, which is right off of East Lindsey Street.

   The other location is outside Aggie Stadium.

   The tailgate preparation begins the night before when some of the tailgaters bring their grills and tents to set up for the next day’s festivities. The preparation continues with the grills being lit and the food being prepared as alumni and students make their way into the tailgate areas the next morning.

For much of the alumni, the tailgate is more than just a day of food. The tailgate is a way for alumni to catch up with old classmates to reminisce about their time at NC A&T.

Aggie alum Ken Pulliam said the tailgate is the most important part of GHOE.

 “It’s most important because it is the largest social gathering on campus for GHOE,” Pulliam said. “You have thousands of people in a relatively small area, thus it is easier to see old friends and classmates.”

  The alumni who are in fraternities and sororities use the tailgate to catch up with their line brothers/sisters and to connect with younger members of their organizations. 

   For students, the tailgate is an opportunity for the free food from the welcoming alumni. It’s also about meeting the alumni and hearing stories about their time at NC A&T. Along with the stories, the alumni will share advice and wisdom with current Aggies.

“I went looking for a free meal, but I ended up meeting a lot of great people that shared great stories and insight with me,” said Matthew Mayes, a sophomore agribusiness student.

   There will be plenty of food for everyone in attendance, but be careful when going to tailgates asking for food. Remain polite and ask before partaking in anyone’s tailgate uninvited.

Along with the attendees, there are numerous local vendors selling food and promoting their business.

The GHOE tailgate officially starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 7. To attend the Aggie Stadium tailgate you must have a valid ticket for the N.C. A&T football game. To purchase a football ticket, go to

Broderick Pulliam is a junior multimedia journalism major at N.C. A&T from Kittrell, N.C.


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